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House rules

which the tenant and the owner undertake to comply with

  1. The provisions of these house rules apply to all residents of the house, including family members living with them, as well as to persons otherwise admitted by them to the rented rooms and to visitors and staff.
  2. All official regulations (in particular those of the local, building or fire police, the sanitary authorities, etc.) must be complied with by the occupants even if no provisions are made in this respect in the tenancy agreement, the purchase agreement, and the house rules.
  3. Any behaviour which disturbs the other residents of the building or which is unacceptable for them must be refrained from; in particular, making noise, singing and playing music outside the rented rooms and condominiums, as well as on balconies and terraces, is strictly prohibited. Even within the rented rooms and condominiums, tenants or owners must ensure that other residents are not disturbed by noise. Radio and television sets, tape recorders etc. must be set to room volume. From 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. and during the midday hours from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., quiet is to be maintained at all costs.
  4. Furthermore, danger or nuisance to other residents, passers-by, etc. due to dust formation, spilling, pouring or other spreading of liquids, foul-smelling or harmful substances, etc. must be refrained from.
    Feeding pigeons inside the house is prohibited without exception.
  5. It is prohibited to tamper with the smoke and fire detectors.
  6. Damage to and soiling of the house, the courtyard and garden areas, passages and the pavement are to be refrained from.
  7. Waste must not be thrown into washbasins in the corridors, into toilet bowls or other drains; rather, it must be placed in the designated waste containers.
    The occupant shall be responsible for the removal of damage or contamination caused by repairs and other work, storage, etc. arranged by him or her, as well as by animals in his or her care.
  8. Solid fuels may only be stored in co-rented cellar compartments and may only be crushed there or in the otherwise designated places.
    Furthermore, the storage of easily flammable or health-endangering substances such as fuel or explosives etc. inside and outside the rented rooms and condominiums is prohibited without exception.
  9. Smoking and handling naked flames are prohibited in the attic, basement, and similar rooms.
  10. The setting up and storage of any kind of furniture outside the rented property and the condominium as well as the parking of vehicles and means of transport such as bicycles and motorbikes, cars, prams, etc. requires the written consent of the landlord or a written resolution of the simple majority of the condominium owners. Drying laundry at the windows or in the corridor is prohibited.
  11. In order to avoid weather-related damage, care must be taken to ensure that doors and windows both inside the rented property or condominium and in the other parts of the house remain properly closed in wind, rain, snow, and frost. In particular, care must be taken that the courtyard door remains closed.
    The rented rooms shall be properly ventilated and heated; the water pipes shall be shut off in the event of interruptions to the supply or prolonged absence of the users.
    Balconies and similar areas belonging to the rented property or the condominium shall be kept free of snow and other extraordinary loads.
  12. The residents are obliged to separate the waste according to the current regulations. Only residual waste/waste-paper may be disposed of in the waste bins. Other materials are to be taken to the designated collection points. Likewise, any kind of bulky waste or similar waste deposits may not be made in general parts of the house. Clearances and evictions will be carried out at the expense of the person responsible.
  13. For houses with a lift:
    The lift system must be used in accordance with the instructions. The lift is approved as a passenger lift and is therefore only to be used for transporting persons or loads. The transport of bulky objects is prohibited. The facility must not be damaged or contaminated. It must be ensured that the lift doors are properly closed after use. The time spent by the lift on the individual floors must be limited to what is absolutely necessary for its use.
  14. For houses with central heating:
    In order to avoid malfunctions of the central heating system, care must be taken when ventilating rooms to ensure that the rooms do not become overcooled.
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